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What to Expect

We offer a complimentary consultation so that you can get to know Bryan, some of our team, and plan out your session. You’ll leave feeling calm, organized and excited for your big day! You can see the studio and start gathering ideas for your finished artwork. If you can’t make it to the studio, no worries - we’ll chat by phone. We’re here for you.

Your session is always set aside for you and your family or friends so that you’ll have our full attention. We have a full studio, private dressing room, and plenty of props, backgrounds and locations to choose from or choose your own. Bring your favorite music, several clothes changes and any items you’d like to include in your session. Think musical instruments, collectibles, sports equipment, cars, pets, extra accessories.

After your session, you can see your images as early as the next day. For special circumstances and out of town clients, plan ahead and we can arrange to meet again the same day. Bryan will help you narrow down to your very favorite images and then select your finished output. You’ll need to bring all decision makers to this meeting.